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AmeriCorps: Making a Difference & Getting Paid


If you are passionate about service, you know that the greatest return is that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you know you have made a positive impact in your community.

For college students, however, the lack of a monetary reward for time spent does not always fit into the budget. AmeriCorps has the solution.

With as little as 300 hours of service in a calendar year, students can earn over a $1,200 education award to go toward paying tuition, living expenses or student loans. Even though it works out to about $4 per hour, this award can be the difference for students staying in school and staying connected to the community.

With programs from education to nursing to general capacity building, Americorps members serve needs all over the country and GET THINGS DONE! In Utah alone, Americorps is a $9,069,230 annual investment in the state’s economy.

This informational video gives a better look into the purpose and practice of Americorps Members.


Enrolling in Americorps is easy and can open doors to service opportunities, financial support, trainings and job opportunities.

To find an Americorps representative in your community and join over 80,000 members already enrolled, visit Join Americorps or search for programs offered in your state.

To learn more about Americorps programs in Utah and opportunities at Southern Utah University, visit UServeUtah.



Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. | The Days for Girls Initiative

1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa
113 million adolescent girls in India
30% of girls from rural areas of Brazil

will miss school this year.


A lack of sustainable feminine hygiene products and health education. Continue reading “Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. | The Days for Girls Initiative”

Swimming to New Depths

Looking back, many of us remember dance lessons, sports teams and swim lessons as part of our childhood. It was the first time we got to interact with other kids our age to build a social network, outside of school, and learn a new skill.

Not all children are lucky enough to have these experiences. For many children in Cedar City, these types of programs are a financial burden and unrealistic time commitment for their families. The opportunity for making new friends and gaining confidence is lost in a sea of uncontrollable struggles.  Continue reading “Swimming to New Depths”

Making a Difference Here, There & Everywhere


Where do you want to travel?alt2

New York? New Orleans? Seattle? South America? Mexico?

Where do you want to make a difference?

New York? New Orleans? Seattle? South America? Mexico?

With alternative breaks, you can travel and make a difference in the community. Continue reading “Making a Difference Here, There & Everywhere”

Unleashing the Human Spirit: The Community of Special Olympics

As of 2015, nearly 200 million people worldwide have an intellectual disability. Despite the lingering stigma, every year thousands of individuals with these disabilities gather to compete in 94,000 games and competition as part of Special Olympics. Continue reading “Unleashing the Human Spirit: The Community of Special Olympics”

You Can Be a Service Leader Too!

Applications to be a Service Leader are now open!

Join the tight-knit group of students passionate about giving back! To apply, visit the Community Engagement Center.

Leaders are needed for the following programs: Continue reading “You Can Be a Service Leader Too!”

When Santa Stepped Foot in the Workshop

Dan is an older man with a long white beard. When he walks in the room, everyone immediately asks how his elves are doing. As a “fill-in” for Santa during the holidays, Dan is more than used to it.

When Dan walked into the Cedar City National Guard Armory one cold Thursday in December, however, the roles were reversed. Like over 350 other families in Iron County every year, Dan’s family was in a rough spot and needed a helping hand to get through the holiday season. Continue reading “When Santa Stepped Foot in the Workshop”

A “Seuss-tastic” Service Spectacular!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”                                                                                                                                        ~ Dr. Seuss

The issue of children’s literacy extends beyond the ability to read at grade level. The U.S. Department of Education states that children who enjoy reading and read more frequently have a greater ability to count, write their names and score higher in math than children who read less. Continue reading “A “Seuss-tastic” Service Spectacular!”

Service Project Ideas: Service Club to the Rescue

Ever heard of a club that’s just for service?

Southern Utah University’s (SUU) aptly named Service Club is just that.  Continue reading “Service Project Ideas: Service Club to the Rescue”

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