Have you ever wondered if there was a place where everyone else was just as passionate about giving back to the community as you are?

You’re in luck! The Southern Utah University (SUU) Community Engagement Center is the hub for community service and connection in the Cedar City community. We believe in serving others to better the community as a whole. By connecting students and faculty on campus with organizations and individuals off campus, we work together to meet the needs of the community.

So what exactly is the Community Engagement Center?

Here’s the breakdown:


The Service Leaders are the real MPVs of the center. They lead programs in our local community and our greater world community through service trips abroad. Some of the programs include:

  • After School Science
  • After School Sports
  • Alternative Breaks
  • Mini Breaks
  • Bread and Soup Nite
  • HOPE Pantry
  • Days for Girls
  • Paiute Tutoring
  • Service Club
  • Special Olympics
  • Sub for Santa
  • SUU Discover
  • Wee Be Groovin’
  • Wee Swim
  • Service Hall

This blog will further explore these programs and different ways to get involved in service no matter where you are. Stay tuned for more information about community needs, programs and events!

                        Want to learn more about the SUU Community Engagement Center?               Visit suu.edu/community