Entering college life can be hard, especially if you’re doing it alone.

More and more, research is showing the correlation between decreased social interaction and an increase in depression. Not to mention the correlation between depression and poor academic performance.

Keeping students in school, then, is more than a matter of individual academic success.

At Southern Utah University (SUU), students in on campus housing can choose to be on floors with others just like them. With groups from dance to business to honors students, there is a place for everyone. 

The Service Hall is one place for students to bond over their passion for service. Students living on this floor are given service opportunities in conjunction with the SUU Community Engagement Center.

It is bigger than just getting students to make friends. Service Leader Gwen Daley says the Service Hall, “… fosters a sense of community to connect residents to each other, the campus and the Cedar City community.”

Opportunities for Service Hall residents can be anywhere from making fleece blankets over lunch to spending a three day weekend volunteering at an animal sanctuary. Service hours are required to live on the Service Hall, but there is no limit to the service these residents are able to do.

Residents’ service does not stop once summer break hits. Former residents such as Sami Wright have pursued their passion for service and become Service Leaders themselves. Sami’s involvement with service over her 4 years at SUU has brought her friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

While not everyone has the opportunity to live with others as passionate about service as they are, everyone has the opportunity to serve.

To find service projects in your area, visit Volunteer Match.

Interested in being a part of the Service Hall and living the service life? Visit Southern Utah University Admissions or the Community Engagement Center for more information.