Looking back, many of us remember dance lessons, sports teams and swim lessons as part of our childhood. It was the first time we got to interact with other kids our age to build a social network, outside of school, and learn a new skill.

Not all children are lucky enough to have these experiences. For many children in Cedar City, these types of programs are a financial burden and unrealistic time commitment for their families. The opportunity for making new friends and gaining confidence is lost in a sea of uncontrollable struggles. IMG_2189

Wee Swim seeks to relieve some of these burdens to give all children the chance to flourish. The program provides swimming lessons for local preschoolers through the SUU Head Start program and teaches children the basics of swimming and staying safe around water.

Volunteers are able to develop relationships with the children they teach and gain new skills along the way.

“It is more than splashing around and having fun with the kids,” said Service Leader Katherine Wilcox, “It’s about making them confident in their abilities and themselves in a fun and safe environment.”

If that isn’t enough to convince you to jump in, check out these “fin-tastic” memories!

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For more information about Wee Swim, visit the Community Engagement Center.