1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa
113 million adolescent girls in India
30% of girls from rural areas of Brazil

will miss school this year.


A lack of sustainable feminine hygiene products and health education.

Days for Girls believes in women having the opportunity to celebrate their worth and their dignity through their education and opportunity. By supporting women, we have the power to make our communities and our world stronger.

The solution: providing women with sustainable feminine hygiene kits and health education.15032922_911485205618313_1530120726258165961_n

Cameron Robins, Service Leader over the SUU initiative, started the program in 2016 with a kick off event that brought together 150 students from across campus to
make the hygiene kits. Since then the program has grown and volunteers are planning service trips to Nicaragua and Peru with the organization.

“It is an incredible way to change the future of women around the world,” he said. “It has changed the way I look at myself and others.”

So far, Days for Girls has reached over 640,000 women and girls in over 100 countries.

The stories of women affected by Days for Girls serve as an inspiration and call to action to empower women around the world. Watch this video to hear Rachel and Christine tell their stories.

For these women, it is more than a pad, it is opportunity and a sense of freedom. With little time and effort, you too can change a woman’s life for the better.

To become part of this global initiative, visit Days for Girls or The Community Engagement Center.