If you are passionate about service, you know that the greatest return is that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you know you have made a positive impact in your community.

For college students, however, the lack of a monetary reward for time spent does not always fit into the budget. AmeriCorps has the solution.

With as little as 300 hours of service in a calendar year, students can earn over a $1,200 education award to go toward paying tuition, living expenses or student loans. Even though it works out to about $4 per hour, this award can be the difference for students staying in school and staying connected to the community.

With programs from education to nursing to general capacity building, Americorps members serve needs all over the country and GET THINGS DONE! In Utah alone, Americorps is a $9,069,230 annual investment in the state’s economy.

This informational video gives a better look into the purpose and practice of Americorps Members.


Enrolling in Americorps is easy and can open doors to service opportunities, financial support, trainings and job opportunities.

To find an Americorps representative in your community and join over 80,000 members already enrolled, visit Join Americorps or search for programs offered in your state.

To learn more about Americorps programs in Utah and opportunities at Southern Utah University, visit UServeUtah.