About the Blog

Get Served is inspired by the Southern Utah University (SUU) Community Engagement Center and the service programs that operate through it. With over 16 student lead programs, the Community Engagement Center is the service hub at SUU which seeks to provide students with meaningful service opportunities that bridge the gap between the university and the Cedar City community. Common questions from aspiring volunteers such as, “What is there to do?” and, “How can I get involved?” are addressed through the presentation of community needs and the programs that address them. Stories of student leaders showcase the impact one person can make on an entire community. Get Served highlights these programs with the goal of spreading information and inspiration to others with a passion for service.

About the Author


I’m Amber and I am a grad student at Southern Utah University (SUU). During my undergrad I had some incredible opportunities to get involved with the Cedar City community doing everything from reading to children at the public library to distributing food and Christmas presents to over 1,000 children in Iron County. I spent three years as a Service Leader for the SUU Community Engagement Center where I lead two of the 16 student run service programs for the university and community. That volunteer experience lead me to my current position as the Leadership Assistant for the Community Engagement Center where I get to help student leaders plan and execute their programs just as my mentors helped me!

I am writing this blog with the hope that I can share information and stories that inspire others to connect with their community. Understanding the needs of your community and how to get involved is the first step to a lifetime of self-fulfillment and positive change.

If you have questions or topics you want to read about, feel free to contact me or visit suu.edu/community.