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Living the Service Life

Entering college life can be hard, especially if you’re doing it alone.

More and more, research is showing the correlation between decreased social interaction and an increase in depression. Not to mention the correlation between depression and poor academic performance.

Keeping students in school, then, is more than a matter of individual academic success.

At Southern Utah University (SUU), students in on campus housing can choose to be on floors with others just like them. With groups from dance to business to honors students, there is a place for everyone.  Continue reading “Living the Service Life”


Travel, Save Money, Make a Difference

Aiyak nani tuxuvan: Thanks my friend

Maik! It means hello in the Paiute dialect for southern tribes like those found in Utah and Nevada.

Here in southern Utah, the Paiute tribe is a significant part of our history and culture. As a way to maintain the connection between the tribe and other community members, Southern Utah University (SUU) students have stepped in to provide assistance to the Paiute children. Continue reading “Aiyak nani tuxuvan: Thanks my friend”

Play Ball! Sports, Mentors and Bright Futures

As many of us could agree, middle school is one of the most challenging times in a child’s life. The struggle to fit in and be liked by peers is constant and very real for an 11-13 year old.

A report from Princeton University details some of the struggles in middle childhood including low self-esteem, anxiety and pressure to achieve academically. Not to mention the 28% of students who report that they have experienced bullying. The report goes on to say, however, that, “Out-of-school programs can play a valuable role in buffering children against some of these problems” (p. 36).

Programs like After School Sports allow these students a chance to socialize with their friends in a safe, structured and positive environment.  Continue reading “Play Ball! Sports, Mentors and Bright Futures”

H.O.P.E. is Helping Our People Eat

If you don’t have enough money, you can’t buy food.

If you can’t buy food, you can’t stay in school.

For many, if you can’t stay in school, you won’t achieve your dreams.

In 2015, 42.2 million Americans lived in food insecure households according to Feeding America.   Continue reading “H.O.P.E. is Helping Our People Eat”

The Impact of Volunteering

If you’ve volunteered before, especially in a small scale project, you’re probably familiar with that empty feeling that comes after you’ve completed your service and you don’t see an immediate impact. You might convince yourself that you don’t need to see the impact to know your service was valuable, but it can still be difficult to motivate yourself the next time you have an opportunity to serve.

Sound familiar? Continue reading “The Impact of Volunteering”

What is the Community Engagement Center?

Have you ever wondered if there was a place where everyone else was just as passionate about giving back to the community as you are?

You’re in luck! The Southern Utah University (SUU) Community Engagement Center is the hub for community service and connection in the Cedar City community. We believe in serving others to better the community as a whole. By connecting students and faculty on campus with organizations and individuals off campus, we work together to meet the needs of the community.

So what exactly is the Community Engagement Center? Continue reading “What is the Community Engagement Center?”

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